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David tenth



Happy Birthday, David! Your charm, wit, intelligence, humor, and fun-loving ways have been winning my heart for ten years now. Such a delight to watch you grow up and mature! I can’t wait to see what amazing things you will say and do in the years to come! Love, Mom.


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I have long sat in My Chair across from the living room couch and stared rather despairingly at the opposite wall. I dearly love the pictures of my children hanging there in collage frames…but there’s just been something missing…something awry. For quite awhile I had a small wreath hovering above the wood frames, but from the moment I mounted it I knew it was temporary…not quite what I had in mind. Over the course of the last couple weeks, inspiration seems to have struck. Bored with the picture over the fireplace as well, I pulled down wall decor and moved this here and brought that in from another room. A trip to a local discount store yielded fun and frugal treasures that helped me with my tweaking.

When I was finished, the result was cleaner lines and more fun with a twist of whimsy. And, as my mother said to me, it’s so…well…ME!

Here is the fireplace mantle before (bedecked for Christmas):


Christmas Living Room



And here is the after:




I love the pictures that I took during our stay in the Lake District on our trip to England, but I so rarely got to enjoy them as they were hung over our bed and I didn’t really pause to appreciate them as I stumbled in exhausted each night or extracted my bleary-eyed self out of bed in the morning. Now my eyes alight upon them often throughout the day! The apothecary jars were a thrilling find at a modest cost (I have long been desiring apothecary jars and these were the perfect size and price!). One holds pink and green polka dot cupcake liners and the other vintage buttons. Both say something about me and my tastes and pastimes. The lovely teapot was picked up at the same discount store years ago and though I was disappointed to discover it didn’t pour tea without serious dribbling and mess, I held on to it for the sake of beauty alone. It’s graceful spout appears ready at any moment to pour a steaming cuppa into the delicate neighboring teacup with it’s masses of vintage roses. And just for kicks there’s a trendy little metal frame holding a scrapbook flower against a fun paper background, given dimension with the aid of foam squares.


And as for over the couch…here’s the (blurry) uninspiring before:





And the playful, more colorful after photos:







The awesome galvanized letter is a surprisingly affordable Pottery Barn Kids item. The @ symbol (how fun is that?) is from the housewares section of the discount store and the arrow is made from adhering scrapbook paper to thin cardboard (mat board style, not from a shipping box) and cut out, then simply mounting to the wall with foam squares. I plan to brush on some satin Modge Podge to preserve the color and add some shine, but it’s fine as it is for the present.

So now I sit in My Chair of a morning, sipping my coffee and gazing admiringly (rather than glaring) at the opposite wall. And my soul is stirred to creative thought and bold action. I walk through my living room and see my mantle treasures that remind me of my rambles in England or my love of vintage finds and paper crafting. And frosting. I might not eat it very often anymore, but yes…frosting!

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