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Between my penchant for digital scrapbooking (and accompanying fonts!!) and getting sucked in to Pinterest, I gathered chalkboard backgrounds, weathered fonts and cute signage ideas and pulled it all together to make this fun sign for my boys’ room. David was thrilled! He had me add the “tell stories” part but the rest is pilfered shamelessly straight from something I saw on Pinterest. The girls are anxious for me to start on theirs, and my sister-in-law has a request, too, so I may just have a slew of these posts over the next few weeks!

I would post links to each of these fonts, etc., but honestly I gathered them all and the backgrounds to boot during a 40 minute TV episode and even managed to follow the plot line (mostly)…so just google chalkboard printables and fonts, etc. and you will be on your way to making your own! After all, your favorites might be quite different from mine! Don’t believe the hype about needing Photoshop…you don’t! I did this in minutes on Keynote, and Power Point works just as well.

Boys Chalkboard Printable

So, here it is! Sized for an 8×10 print. Choose “high quality” on your printer options. Trim off margins. Continue trimming a little at a time to fit your 8×10 frame.

Chalkboard Printables

I updated this post and included these images as well (because that’s how my computer assembled the PDF, and I’m not going to fight with it!):

Come Thou Fount Chalkboard Printable 1.002

Girls Chalkboard Printable.004

Come Thou Fount Chalkboard Printable 2.003.003


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