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Two years has flown by…what a delight you have been…what a blessing to our family! Happy Birthday, lovely Anna!


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David at Historic Williamsburg

…my life changed forever and for the better. The birth of your older sister started my journey of motherhood, yes. But you…

I quickly learned I didn’t have this thing down like I thought I did. I learned about limitations and the near boundaries of my fragile capabilities. I learned to pray…really pray. I found out I was that mom…the one in the store chasing down the toddler who just snatched the most fragile thing off a nearby shelf and bolted. The one I would have looked down on in my heart in the past with a haughty “I would never!”

You taught me so much about the lavish grace of the Father. How he could love me so much when I disobey so often. How he could be so delighted with me when I had broken so many of the Rules.

Because I am His child.

And you are mine…

Today you are a bright, charming, delightful boy. You are “good company.” Every day I see more of a glimpse of who God has made you to be…another page turned in the Book of your life. A captivating story, a hero tale, an action-packed thriller, a suspenseful mystery.

Today I celebrate you, and worship the God whose craftsmanship and wisdom takes my breath away.

Happy Birthday, David!

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