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#7 ~ The sound of a roly-poly toddler girl singing to herself while coloring…

#8 ~ Spring warmth and light, pouring through open windows and playing with my white gauzy curtains…

#9 ~ Little boys covered in mud, full of joy as if the muck were gold…

#10 ~ Old Sturbridge Village with friends on a pleasant Spring day, sun-warmed while meandering, happy laughter, chasing chickens and gawking at pigs…

#11 ~ Sweet friends that bring sweet treats, like a homemade cherry turnover with flaky, buttery crust…

#12 ~ Holding a fresh, sweet newborn doll-baby, a tiny bundle, so much hope and love and potential all wrapped up with a soft blanket, blinking and gazing, silky-downy head nestled into my arms…and then I got to give her back to her parents <grin>…


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(amazingly enough this is one of my own photos of an afternoon tea break when we were in England…after scouring google images, I realized I had a “favorite” amongst my own photos!)

Among the various posts in my “Drafts” folder is one entitled “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things”. A list of upwards of fifty things, people, places and ideas, many with accompanying pictures, that thrill my soul and cause me to pause and catch my breath, or to do quite the opposite…to breathe out, slow and deliberate, a soulful and silent prayer of thanks. It remains there, unposted, as I could never quite get it to work out visually as I desired.

I really would like to blog more often. The perfectionism that courses through my veins and hinders me in so many areas of life, particularly creative outlets, holds me back. Then there is, of course, the question of time. However, effort that becomes habit is, over time, transformed into effortlessness. Once upon a time the notion of a daily morning workout bordered on the ludicrous. Now, though still requiring effort, it is so built into my day that I think little of it. Now if only I could thus incorporate teaching math to young children as “just a normal part of my day”! At the moment I think I prefer root canal.

I imagine at this point you can guess what is coming.

I will henceforth, or at least for a time, or at the very very least “most” Fridays, attempt to toss out some of my favorite things, at times illustrated with a picture or two. Some weeks it may be one thing. Some weeks many. And I may or may not be prompted to spout off on seemingly unrelated issues, which would actually be a good thing (see above reference regarding more frequent blogging). An item’s number does not in any way reflect its rank amongst the affections of my heart…this is a truly random exercise!

And so…I begin.

#1 ~ A soft, buttery scone heavily spread with Devon cream and wearing a bright, cheery cap of sweet strawberry jam.

#2 ~ Obviously, a hot and strong cup of (unfortunately decaffeinated) tea with skim milk and sugar, to compliment the scone.

#3 ~ A round and happy cherubic 21-month-old waving her “color-wing” up in the air and shouting “Mommeeee, OOOK!”

#4 ~ Tricolored bubble-gum pink with ribbon and glitter, a birthday swag that hangs on my curtain rod six weeks later because it still makes me happy.

#5 ~ Order and organization, a rare and blissful delight in a bustling household of seven souls.

#6 ~ The deliciousness of a suspenseful and cliff-hanging book chapter…closing the book to a chorus of “No, don’t stop!”

There we have it, for this Friday at least. Truly random indeed, as I am not sure I rattled off a single item from that sad, dusty unposted post.

I think this is going to be fun! What are a few of your favorite things?

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