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A Wild Ride…Part I

Other than the usual pregnancy drama (nausea, anemia, exhaustion, pain, etc.), life was so calm. Autumn was giving way to winter, our whirlwind schedule of international travel, house maintenance, a neighborhood cookout, and having my parents out to stay for a week was all behind us. Time to settle in for a few months of quiet.

Then my husband had a brilliant idea about how we could tweak the basement a little and come up with a finished family room, office, and play area. We sketched and doodled and measured and researched. I drew up a few floorplans. This automatically costs me sleep, as I tend to review all possible options in my head at night instead of sleeping, at least until I come up with a workable plan on paper. Note: this kind of behavior is not advisable during pregnancy when there are four young children to care for during the day.

After Christmas we decided to start getting some quotes on our plans. When the first quote came back high, I thought it was somewhat of a fluke…after all, I had chosen a contractor with an excellent reputation who came highly recommended. I looked back over my plans, considering what we might cut back on, but having difficulty finding many changes that could be made. Certainly not enough to bring the number within range of our budget.

Then I received the second quote. It was even higher.

As I sat eating a bowl of ice cream with my father-in-law, recounting the tragic saga of the astronomical quotes and the depressing notion of foregoing our renovation plans altogether, he looks at me and says “why would you put even half that much money into a house that’s rather small for your family?”

Hmmm…in a rather condescending tone I looked at him and said “because I’ve never seen anything I’ve ever liked nearly so much for anywhere even close to our price range.” (Insert dramatic tone. Yes, I sounded like a five-year-old).

That night, just to humor him and to prove to myself that I was SO right, I hopped on realtor.com…and now for a piece of information that is very pertinent to the drama of the story. I look online at houses for sale just about once a month. Well, at least I used to. And although my comment to my father-in-law was indeed a little snotty and completely overdramatic, it was true. I had never seen anything I liked very much within $100,000 of our price range, not enough to entice me to move. Until that night. For after typing in all of the appropriate search parameters, what popped up on my screen both surprised and delighted me…


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Faith standing at her new play kitchen

You know you’ve been neglecting your blog when you have three birthday posts in a row! We are just now emerging from the craziest, busiest season our family has ever gone through. I plan on elaborating in the next few days (no, really, this time I’m serious!), but today’s post is all about Faith.

Not much has changed in a year…Faith is still all bounce and chatter and sunshine (when she’s happy…). We had a moderately sized family cookout yesterday, an all encompassing celebration for the holiday weekend, Faith’s birthday, housewarming, and “meet Anna” (oh…yeah…Anna would be the new baby for those who aren’t “in the loop”…did I mention I have some catching up to do on my blog?). Faith danced and ran and spun around with a big grin on her face, looking a bit like a bee buzzing from blossom to blossom.

Five years. Two years of sweet, calm, quiet babyhood and three years of full-of-life-nonstop-exuberant girliness. Faith is a girlie girl. She loves flowers, I mean loves them, and dresses and tea parties and just about anything that could be deemed “pretty.” She is affectionate to the extreme and has just in the last week added a “new love” to her lineup of young men that she will “never forget” (congratulations, Declan!)…I do think she needs to stop falling for twenty-somethings, though.

Our family needs Faith. Though we question this when her passion for life throws her into “the depths of despair” and results in a tantrum, we need her exuberance and her cheerful outlook, her admiration of all things beautiful, her childlike faith, her friendliness and affection. The rest of us at times struggle with being…well…loving. Faith is always loving. She loves everyone. She is a reminder to us that people and relationships are more important than things or deadlines or…ahem…keeping the house clean. She is a reminder to us that loveliness is something to be appreciated for itself, a reflection of Creator God.

We love you, Faith! I hope you had a wonderful fifth birthday!

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