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London: A Photo Essay

I really liked how this picture turned out! Waiting for Heathrow Connect…you can see that the train says London/Paddington if you squint really hard!

And I couldn’t resist this…Paddington at Paddington! I wanted to get one for the kids, but was hurried along as we jumbled through a mass of people with our baggage, eager to find a taxi after our long drive and a hassle over train tickets at Heathrow.

The Palace of Westminster (Victoria Tower).

The Houses of Parliament, also a part of the Palace of Westminster.

Why that’s Big Ben of course! Again, never thought of all these separate buildings as part of the Palace of Westminster before, until I saw it…check out the musing Bobby in the foreground.


Picadilly Circus

Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. Evenings are a wonderfully quiet time to go and visit the museum, there are no crowds to get in the way of you and the painting you want to look at!

Westminster Abbey

Of all the street performances we saw, this one was the best!!

Buckingham Palace

I was ready to leave London. I had been away from my children for over 10 days. We had spent many relaxing hours of enjoyment in Bath and the Lakes, and had some good experiences in London as well. City slickers we are not, however, and after two days of roaming the streets amidst crowds, following maps and searching for destinations, and enjoying only one meal out of the five or six that we had while there, we hopped aboard Gatwick Express and watched out the window as we left the city behind us. A nine hour delay at the airport not only put a wrench in our plans for spending any time with family in Ireland as we had hoped to do with the small window of time we had between flights, but it added to our exhaustion and our longing to be home, even if it meant having four little ones crawling all over us and returning to the noise and commotion (and messes!) of family life after a stretch of being “just us” again.

I battled motion sickness for the next 24 hours, with the exception of the few hours of sleep we were able to get. However, once home, it was wonderful to hear the sweet voices of my children and to feel their little arms embracing me. They had so many exciting things that they wanted to share, and so did we.

I admit that the long break and the rest were both much needed and very much appreciated. I am thankful for that time, and still look back on it with delight through these long, dark, cold days. I hope someday to return to that place where I experienced so much rest and joy.


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