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miss faith birthday girl

Faith is our firecracker. July 4th, 2005 was actually my due date. She woke us up around 4 am to begin her transition to the World Outside. We wouldn’t have considered her to be a firecracker those first couple years. She wasn’t even much of a sparkler, unless you count those huge, round, soulful dark brown eyes. She was the calmest and quietest of babies and the most docile toddler we had ever encountered. She slept well, ate well, and played contentedly.

I don’t know what happened. <grin>

Today Faith is a whirlwind of smiles, giggles, jumping, bouncing, sparkle, curly hair, and hugs. She is like a kite that flies on the wind and goes up and down and every direction, all color and a delight to play with so long as she doesn’t get stuck in a tree. Her highs are kept well in check by her lows, but I won’t go into detail there, since celebratory blog posts are supposed to be flattering.

Faiths Birthday

Faith opens presents as if she were a princess on a throne receiving her due praise and adoration. She revels in the celebration and squeals with delight as tissue paper flies through the air and treasures are uncovered and properly squeezed and shown off to her sister and brothers.

birthday pretend

faiths birthday breakfast 2

Birthdays in our house commence with an elaborate breakfast of waffles with melted chocolate, real whipped cream, and berries, served with bacon and fruit salad. One of the joys of having little girls is making birthdays special with girly table settings and pretty teacups. Four years old orĀ  not, we crack out the real plates, crystal goblets, and antique glassware. Even the two year old got his own china teacup (albeit a thicker version of my bone china cups).

Of course, a few minutes after this picture was taken the scene was altogether different. Chocolate covered faces. Stained tablecloth. A little whining and fussing. A few spills. Lots of reaching and passing and clamor and noise. But there were moments and glimpses of something that transcends a breakfast and aspires to lasting memory. Snapshots in my mind of sweet young faces and plates brimming with the artwork of a decadent brunch. Family traditions and memories and special days aren’t perfect.

But sometimes they are close.

Happy Birthday, Faith!


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