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A picture of Elisabeth making cookies to deliver to a friend…it was the best batch of those particular cookies that we had ever had! I chalked it up to her careful measuring and a quick phone call to Grammie to double check how many eggs go into the recipe…


This is as close to a “Before and After” picture as I can get…the picture on the left is actually about 4 or 5 pounds into a total loss so far of 23 pounds, and the picture on the right is me at about 18 pounds down…however, I thought it was fun to throw out there. I’m halfway to my goal, although I’m content with my progress and enjoying the energy boost, especially with this delightful weather we’ve been having. The children enjoy having a mommy who runs around with them and takes them on more frequent outings!


A picture of our raised bed garden, all prepared for planting. We had one side built up with two landscape timbers, but the other two beds were only one timber high…this weekend my husband built up the other two beds. The narrow section is my walkway, and the teepee shape is our triangular bean trellis.


A picture of my boys on Matthew’s birthday…a bittersweet day, as I have been trying to ignore the transformation of my “baby” into a big boy, but it gets a little tricky when he turns two, leaves the crib for the bottom bunk, and transitions from the high chair to a chair at the table, all in one week. He still delights us all with his sweetness, though, and he’s developing into a charming and adorable child (note the absence of the word “baby”…I’m working on it!!)


Elisabeth, David and Faith finishing up their dinner out on the deck on Saturday night. We had planned to celebrate the inaguration of summery weather with a trip to our favorite seafood stand, but Matthew was sick…so we opted to grab some shrimp and scallops from the grocery store, along with some pasta and asparagus, and threw together a simple dinner served al fresco.

These pictures and thoughts are mainly for Grammie’s benefit, but I hope you’ve enjoyed a “random” glimpse into our family life!


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